Some facts of our rallye for the next year:- the date is 16th-17th of April 2004- the rallye is held in the area of the old Hessen-Rallye (middle of Germany)- start and finish is in Schlitz near by Fulda- most stages are old ones of the Hessen-Rallye (Schotten 25km; Niederaula 21km; Schwarzenborn 18km)and aomw small ones.- complete stage-length overall is about 150km- gravel and asphalt is mixed (20%gravel and 80% asphalt) - we have a minimum of two person for foreign teams to translate and help (English and French)- you can make your own pace-notes- Youngtimer and historic cars are allowed to start- Group H is allowed to start If you want to get some more infos, don`t hesitate to contact us. We are reachable under the follwing address and number.When you plan for the next rallye-season think about the ADAC Rallye Vogelsberg.We will offer special conditions for foreign competitors.ADAC Rallye VogelsbergRobert BroischKlebaer Str. 24D-36272 NiederaulaTel.: +49 (0)6625 918245Fax: +49 (0)6625 918246Mail:info@rallye-vogelsberg.deNet: http//

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