The data:
Event: Rally Estonia, Estonia
Date: July 15-18
Surface: gravel
Stages: 24
Competitive distance: 319.38km
Based: Tartu
Car: Hyundai i20 R5
Co-driver: Aaron Johnston (GB)
The background:
No stranger to Estonia, Hyundai Motorsport driver Oliver began his rallying career with a 2017 programme split between the Estonian and Latvian junior series. He’s loved both Baltic neighbours ever since.
Oliver has dominated the Rally2 category of Rally Estonia for the last two years, finishing seventh overall in 2019 and ninth on the country’s maiden World Rally Championship qualifier last September.
The smooth gravel and fast, flowing stages are among Oliver’s favourites in the season and come in direct contrast to Africa’s rough and rocky roads he experienced for the first time at Safari Rally Kenya last month.
For the second time this season, Oliver starts with his Monster Energy-backed Hyundai i20 R5 registered for WRC2 points and will be looking to build on the fifth place he scored at Vodafone Rally de Portugal in May. 
Rally Estonia delivered the WRC’s first post-pandemic lockdown event last September and did so to universal acclaim. This year’s event has been lengthened by 86 competitive kilometres and runs to the traditional three-day WRC format.
Based, as usual, out of Tartu, the crews tackle a Thursday evening superspecial before moving onto the stages which are clustered mainly around Estonia’s winter sports capital of Otepää.

The quote:
“Estonia is somewhere I already have great memories from. For the last two years I made good results and won the class [at Rally Estonia] – I’m really looking forward to challenging for more of the same this time.

“I have competed in Estonia for a few years and I have to say I really like the roads. In places, they are faster than Finland, but without so many jumps. Last year we did the event a little bit later in the summer, when there was some rain around and that helped the surface for the grip. Being more in the middle of the summer, it could be a bit more loose this time. It’s a great challenge.

“As well as the roads and the competition – this will be tough in WRC2, that’s for sure – I really like the fans and the atmosphere in Estonia. It’s like everybody in the whole country is a rally fan. I guess this is happening when you have a world champion like Ott [Tänak].”

Rally Estonia itinerary:
Thursday July 15
Shakedown 6.23km (3.87 miles) 0901
Ceremonial Start 2000
SS1 Tartu 1 2.00km (1.24 miles) 2038

Friday July 16
SS2 Arula 1 12.66km (7.86 miles) 0940
SS3 Otepää 1 18.25km (11.34 miles) 1028
SS4 Kanepi 1 16.51km (10.25 miles) 1116
SS5 Kambja 1 17.85km (11.09 miles) 1208
Service Raadi 1308
SS6 Arula 2 12.66km (7.86 miles) 1534
SS7 Otepää 2 18.25km (11.34 miles) 1622
SS8 Kanepi 2 16.51km (10.25 miles) 1710
SS9 Kambja 2 17.85km (11.09 miles) 1808
Service Raadi 1908

Saturday July 17
SS10 Peipsiääre 1 23.56km (14.64 miles) 0806
SS11 Mustvee 1 12.39km (7.69 miles) 0908
SS12 Raanitsa 1 22.76km (14.14 miles) 1036
SS13 Vastsemõisa 1 6.72km (4.17 miles) 1139
Service Raadi 1308
SS14 Peipsiääre 2 23.56km (14.64 miles) 1506
SS15 Mustvee 2 12.39km (7.69 miles) 1608
SS16 Raanitsa 2 22.76km (14.14 miles) 1734
SS17 Vastsemõisa 2 6.72km (4.17 miles) 1837
SS18 Tartu 2 2.00km (1.24 miles) 2008
Service Raadi 2020

Sunday July 18
SS19 Neeruti 1 7.80km (4.84 miles) 0721
SS20 Elva 1 11.72km (7.28 miles) 0809
SS21 Tartu vald 1 7.47km (4.64 miles) 0908
SS22 Neeruti 2 7.80km (4.84 miles) 1141
SS23 Elva 2 11.72km (7.28 miles) 1229
SS24 Wolf Powerstage tartu vald 2 7.47km (4.64 miles) 1418
Podium Raadi 1521

Oliver Solberg in numbers:
Rallies started: 45
Rallies won: 9
WRC rounds started: 11
WRC debut: Wales Rally GB (2019)
Number of titles won: 9

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