The sale of the rally passes of Rally Estonia, round of FIA World Rally Championship opens on 4th of August 9:00 CET. Passes are available only at the official site of Rally Estonia

Urmo Aava, director of Rally Estonia: “One of the biggest challenges we face this year is creating safe and attractive opportunities for the spectators. Our main goal is to avoid any risks regarding to COVID-19. Therefore, we have decided to sell a total of 16 000 rally passes. We have divided those passes to 16 different groups with 1000 passes per every group to avoid big gatherings. The spectator areas have been chosen so that people can keep social distance. We have been working closely with the working group created by Estonian Government and they have approved our approach. We understand that as Rally Estonia is a first round of WRC after the break, the public interest can be big. But we hope that rally fans will understand the situation. For those who cannot come to Estonia this year, the alternative solution is WRC All Live which covers all the stages and action from Rally Estonia.”

All the information about the rally passes is available here:

Due the coronavirus the number of rally passes is reduced. There are 16 groups of Rally Passes. Each rally pass group has 1000 passes on sale, the total number of rally passes is 16 000. The pass of each rally pass group enables to follow rally in five spectator areas within weekend, the passes of some groups also include a visit to the service park at Estonia National Museum.

During the purchase process it is necessary to enter the names and personal identification codes of all persons visiting the rally, which are connected with the rally pass. It is NOT necessary to be linked with an ID card or Mobile ID. The rally pass is personal and cannot be resold / handed on / given as a present. One person can buy rally passes for the whole group, one pass per person.

There should be one car pass per each car. Without a car pass, it is not possible to park in the parking lots near the spectator areas. Car parking is allowed only in the parking places fixed by the organizers.

Please make your plan with your companions in advance. Decide which rally pass group you would like to buy and surely make up your mind regarding your second preference, in case your first choice is sold out. The rally pass groups have been set up so that you could visit all areas meant for your companions without rush.

You cannot watch rally without a rally pass. We urge you not to come to the event area without a rally pass. This could jeopardize the event. Special stage tickets, rally passes or car passes are not sold at the venue.

Rally Pass price is 65€, Junior Rally Pass 15€ for kids in age 7-12 and Junior Rally Pass for Kids in age 0-6 is for free.

Rally passes are issued from 17 August.

Rally passes are delivered only to Omniva Baltic parcel terminals.

It is not allowed to resale Rally Passes and Car stickers. We strongly suggest not to buy passes or Car stickers from third parties, because they are personalised and can not be changed.

Lets make a safe rally for everyone - please dont come if you are not feeling well, move in your group, stay in your group, disinfect, wear a mask and do not socialize

Rally Estonia 2020 is held on 4-6 September on the roads of Tartu, Otepää, Elva, Kanepi and Kambja municipalities. Rally Estonia is a round of the FIA World Rally Championship.

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